Mwinilunga -Mweeneelooonga

We’ll be the first to admit, the name of our camp is not the easiest to pronounce! But once you’ve got it, you won’t forget it!  Mwinilunga District is located very close to the border where Zambia, Angola and the Congo meet. It is home to the spring between the rocks and the waterberry trees that form the very beginning of the mighty Zambezi River.  Being such a close family run business, Dave and Tess decided this name was perfect! The beginning of life is family.  


We have a strong belief that change is an integral part of the environment. Why is our camp so eco-friendly? We believe that it is extremely important to conserve the biodiversity, the ecological processes and wilderness qualities of Mana Pools and we run our camps accordingly. We use sustainable fuels wherever possible, and have solar systems set up in camp. 

Tess & Dave - Managers

Tess and Dave would like to welcome you to Mwinilunga Safaris. We take great pleasure in sharing with you the wonders of the Zambezi Valley.

This Safari business came to life purely by chance. One day, back in 2008, Dave and Tess received a call from a friend in South Africa to say ‘We have a business associate and his family with us, and we have nothing to do! Can we please join you on your family adventure to the Zambezi River?!’ Dave and Tess never say no to some fun! And so it began! A little of this and a little of that – a safari was put together and a wonderful time was had by all! Word spread and within six months there were enquiries and bookings coming in thick and fast! News of this beautiful, comfortable, fun bush experience, topped with delicious meals and the warmth of a crazy family had spread and Mwinilunga was officially on the market! Dave with his incredible knowledge of the bush, the stars, the trees and really, just life in general. Tess with her passion for healthy farm food, her love of wild life and the outdoors and her impulsive, friendly nature and Andrew, with his warm, infectious smile and welcoming hugs are the core ingredients to the recipe for this unique camp.  It is just like home away from home!

Andrew is Tessa’s eldest son. He was born with Down's Syndrome. He has grown up in the bush and his love of the river, all the wildlife and camping is second to none.  He has now been Camp Manager of Mwinilunga Safaris for the past ten years. On his 21st birthday he informed everyone that his wish was to run his own safari business in Mana Pools. Sticking to his dreams, he now does run his own camp, called Roogs Safaris, which caters for special needs people. Roogs is a budding artist too and has recently started to draw images from Mana Pools and its special animals. Click here to see Roogs Art and read more about him.

Alison manages the front desk! She deals with the admin and the accounts and is more than happy to assist our guests from point of enquiry to point of post trip departure. Any questions or queries, she is on hand to answer. Enquire Now.

"The beginning of life is family."  

Andrew aka Roogs - Camp Manager

Alison aka Superwomen