Photographic Safaris - this environment lends itself to ideal photographic opportunities to capture flora, fauna, birds & wildlife. Mana is a popular destination for many professional photographers.

 hiking & guided walks 

This is the best way to really experience and feel a part of the African wilderness. You will learn to track spore and be made aware of the smaller creatures inhabiting the flora and fauna around you. 


Bream and Tiger Fish are the most popular species to catch. We fish from the river banks and from canoes (and on boats between November and February (with special parks permission.) We operate entirely on a catch and release basis. Please bring your own tackle.


Mana is famous for its prolific birdlife. It’s a birder's paradise!


The location of the river, the sand bars and sandy islands, the floodplain and the open woodland make Mana Pools a birder's paradise. More than 392 species of birdlife can be seen in the area including Mottled Spinetails, Lilian’s Lovebird, White-browed Coucal, African Skimmers, Western Banded Snake Eagles, Bohm's Spinetails, Pel's Fishing Owls and Livingstone Flycatchers.

game drives 

Mana is known for its diversity of animals. During your stay you are likely to spot a variety of wildlife including elephant, lion, leopard, large herds of buffalo, zebra, kudu and the endangered wild dogs.