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Around the Camp Fire in August..

August is a great time to visit Mana. Perfect temperature in terms of weather, and as we draw to the end of winter, the bush is crisp and dry making game viewing, and your wildlife experiences in general, very memorable.

It has been exceptionally busy in camp this month and we have been host to some wonderful events! A pack of hyeana had a raucous and totally jamming mid night party, which left every glass that we own broken the next morning! Our inhouse resident hippo took to sleepovers around the camp fire, rising at sunrise, and splashing into the river for his normal day sessions! A herd of ele's came in to camp for tea and pancakes earlier this week and, most importantly, we hosted our biggest group of guests yet - a wedding party of 35! This was no easy job, but with our wonderful team to hand, it was a great success and everyone had a fabulous time.

Mana continues to work its magic! We've had lots of special guests passing through this year so far, and many new friendships made. Another busy couple of months coming.....

A few of the main events hosted in August :)