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Bizarre October Downpour!

We are nearing the end of season now and it has been pretty much a full camp for the last 3 months. So many new faces, along with all the fabulous familiar ones too! We experienced a 16 hour solid rainfall last weekend – which was a big surprise for October! But a welcomed one as the heat had reached mid 40’s in the shade! Flights in and out of Mana were cancelled, international flights were missed and some guests got to spend an extra night in camp with us! Serious measures were taken to get the guests to the airstrip the following day (as you can see in the pictures) but lots of fun and laughter was had through it all. The canoes were unpacked and Elephant Wallow became a paddling ground! A lion kill took place just outside camp that evening so along side the sweet sounds of pitter patter raindrops on tent rooves, were the hungry grunts and groans of the great kings of the bush! Another month in magical Mana!